Q. What is a Photobooth?
A.  A photobooth is a device that you can rent for your parties and events where your guests can take their pictures and keep the prints as a souvenir. The photos come in 4 and 6 shots and it is printed in photo lab quality paper.

Q. Are your Photo Prints of good Quality and Durable?
A. Yes, we print using dye sublimation technology and high quality photo lab paper wherein our prints are waterproof and smudge proof and can last up to 100 years!

Q. Do I get a free Customized Backdrop?
A. Yes, we will print it for you for free and even do layouts for you, just give us 1 week to prepare this. This is Available in Premium Packages. For the classic packages, we will provide you with a white backdrop.

Q. Do I also get my own Photo Layout?
A. Yes, we will even do colorful personalized layouts for you. Please give us 1 week before the event to do this and everything is FREE OF CHARGE! Click here for sample layouts

Q. How will my guests view or download their photos after the event?
A. Your guests may view and download it at this link. See online gallery here:


Q. What is required to set up the Say Cheese Photobooth?
A. We will only require 3x2 meters of space and an electrical outlet. For outdoor venues, please provide a much bigger tent for the booth and the guests who will have their pictures taken. We also need 2 hours to set up the Photobooth and do equipment tests on site.

Q. Can our time be stopped if there’s no booth activity?
A. Yes, we have a Stop Time for 1 hour that will not include your rental time so that you may have dinner or other ceremonies/program and still enjoy your full hour booth use.

Q. How will I book you in my event?
A. Please call us at 0939 6242056, 0927-0217398

Q. Can you go to Provinces also?
A. Yes, Please book us in advance

Q. Do I really get to use your LCD Projector for free?
A. Yes, It is absolutely free of charge!

Q. I have more questions, where can I contact you?
A. You may call us at 0939 6242056, 0927-0217398 or you may click our Talk to Us page.